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You Can Now Create An Exciting Light Show With The MKIII Fusion Range

Last week saw the arrival of the brand new MKIII versions of Fusion products from Equinox as we welcomed them into our warehouse and demo space. Equinox lighting has aimed their products very much at the mobile DJ and small installation market this time around with a vast range now available. These products are also not new but they have been overhauled and improved. One of the reasons this range of 5 products gets us a little excited is that they can all link with each other and are backwards... Read More


Demo Day – Equinox Helix, Graphix and Hallucination

In just over a week’s time we’ll be hosting a demo day in our showroom for three exciting new Equinox products. The Helix, Graphix and Hallucination are some of the most eagerly awaited of the year and local customers can be among the first to check them out. All new effects, each one of these products are really impressive and well worth experiencing in person. The Helix XP 150W is a captivating Gobo Flower that produces an array of multi colour rotating gobos whilst the Hallucination is it’s own mega... Read More


Soundsation Go-Sound Portable PA Series

The Soundsation Go-Sound range is a series of portable PA systems that are lightweight and ready to travel with. The brand designed these around the idea of hitting the road and being able to play at a moments notice. All of the necessary boxes have been ticked with a sturdy polypropylene  enclosure, up to 880w power and LCD displays on each of them. We’re currently carrying the 8″ 12″ and 15″ woofer variations with portable sound to match any criteria. Rather uniquely, the larger versions of the system actually come... Read More


Introducing : Equinox Confetti Machines

As the entertainment industry bounces back it finally looks like we may some opportunities to let some confetti fly. Confetti machines and cannons are an eye catching special effect that can really grab the attention of the audience. Equinox is one of our favourite brands across most categories but when it comes to confetti cannons they have a number of stand-outs that don’t miss the mark. In focus here we have the second generation of the popular Twin Shot and the equally impressive C-Shot. Confetti cannons can add an instant... Read More


New Product | Chauvet Gobozap

With 15 months of lockdown and an industry that has been hit hard with this awful pandemic it has been some time since we had any new products that are worthy of talking about. We can feel the excitement for our customers who are starting to get back to work or take bookings for work later in the year. So you can imagine how pleased we have been to start and get visits from reps again from our favourite brands and supplier – and a couple of weeks ago a... Read More


Summer Seems To Have Finally Arrived

As we are now one week in to June 2021 there is no doubt that our industry has so much crosssed for next Monday when Boris will tell us if the so called “Freedom Day” will take place on 21st June 2021. Over the past few weeks it has been really exciting to get our Hartlepool showroom re-open and speak to local customers, with some of them already working and it is encouraging to hear the positive vibe amongst how busy the phones and enquiries/bookings are for our customers. We... Read More

remote worker 30/05/2020

Life in Lockdown: Our Top Product Recommendations

As we enter week let’s-be-honest-no-one-has-a-clue-anymore, working from home is becoming what we’re all sick of hearing: “the new normal”. Between that and “unprecedented”, it sadly seems like we have the phrases that will define this period in history! Whether working from home means video presentations in your bedroom or podcasts in your kitchen, you’re going to need the right tech for the job. And if you haven’t quite found the right set up for you just yet, we’re here to help. SmartRigs Brand new to our product range, we have... Read More

Planning for what comes next 04/04/2020

Event Planning 101: Preparing for Life After Coronavirus

If you’re an event planner, chances are your entire working life is on hold right now. Venues across the country have closed their doors, and even if they were still open, Boris has put the brakes on any of us actually leaving our homes for anything but the bare necessities.  We know things look pretty bleak, and we’re not going to tell you to stay positive and keep your chin up – because frankly, sometimes that just isn’t helpful. What we are going to do is provide you with a... Read More

2020 calendar 21/03/2020

Coronavirus and the Entertainment Industry

It’s a scary time for everyone right now.  Whether you’re a supplier like us or a DJ who’s seen several of your events cancelled, we get it – and we want to help in any way we can. We’ve put together this post to show a bit of solidarity through these uncertain times, and offer some advice for DJs and those in the entertainment industry to help you plan for coming out of the other side.  Find out more about government support for the self-employed > Check & service your... Read More

Avante AS8 01/02/2020

New Product Update

It seems that 2020 is off to a flying start for new products in our industry and it’s been many years since we have seen so many great products launched in January that have everyone talking. It isn’t going to stop there too, there are many more products on their way during February and March so make sure you keep looking at our new products page of the website to keep up to date. The biggest launch has to have been the Equinox Helix which we have spoken about in... Read More