The Iconic KAM Brand is Reborn

In our industry and for as long as we have been retailing in it (that is an astonishing 20 years by the way), the KAM brand has been around to offer great products at affordable prices. In fact, KAM started in 1987 and after a small period out of the industry, they are back with some of their most popular products ever.

Here at Prebeat, we have taken delivery of the first batch of products and already – within just a couple of weeks – they are proving popular. The range starts with 4 models of active speaker. The KAM RZ12A and KAM RZ15A are the usual active speaker (with a built-in amplifier in the rear – also often called powered speakers), but with an amazing price tag. Alongside these there is the KAM RZ12ABT and KAM RZ15ABT models which have the popular added feature of Bluetooth and yet again the price is very affordable.

Featuring the Bluetooth, the KAM RZ12ABT model also features a media player to allow the use of USB sticks and SD cards for MP3 playblack. This makes this portable model perfect for fitness instructors or maybe children’s entertainers. It may be that you take a pair of these to use as normal PA speakers plugged into your mixing desk and then when doing smaller venues or if you have the need just for background music, then the media player comes in to play. All 4 models of this range have a 35mm pole mount to allow you to use normal PA speaker stands and are fairly light weight.

The KAM active speakers are now in stock ready for free next day delivery to the UK & many European countries, or you can of course come and visit our Hartlepool showroom if you would like to take a look at these before you buy. More products in the KAM range are arriving during April 2019 and this will include their portable PA range with trolley handles and rechargeable batteries – o,h and of course, not forgetting built-in wireless microphones. Finally, their KAM KHM600 haze machine will also arrive this month, with a timer remote and fluid included – making it ready to use at a fantastic price.

Check out the complete KAM range here >

Are Two Heads Better Than One?

Here at Prebeat, we received two fantastic new products in to our Hartlepool showroom this week from one of Europe’s leading disco lighting brands, Ibiza Light. These two new DMX moving head effects came in the form of the MHSPOT30-FX and MHBEAM60-FX, so we thought we would take a look at them in more detail.

Let’s start with the single moving head, the Ibiza MKSPOT30-FX which is not only a moving head that features 7 Colours & 7 Gobos, but has a ring of 12RGB LEDs around the front of the head to give an extra effect. As possibly one of the most affordable moving heads in the DMX lighting market it’s surprising how bright the 30w LED is in this compact unit that also comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. It’s compact design means it’s perfect for mobile DJs and weighs less than 3kgs. As with many effects of this type, we find our customers buy them in pairs to link them together using a DMX cable so they produce a great light show for your rig.

The Ibiza MHBEAM60-FX is a unique dual moving head fixture that has two moving heads in one unit, each of which can be individually controlled if you’re using a DMX controller. With this great product, the effect is a powerful 30w RGBW beam effect from each head, but again each features a ring of 12 LEDs around the head to give that different effect on your lighting show. The unit features an 8° beam angle and as with most of our DMX lights can be controlled via DMX, ran in auto mode or in sound active mode. Again, our customers often choose to buy 2 or more units and run them in Master/Slave mode to give what looks like a more programmed lighting show without the hassle or need to actually program them. With the affordable price tag of this product and the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, we’re certainly impressed.

As well as being available to order on our website with free next working day delivery, we also have both of these great lighting effects on display in our Hartlepool showroom. So, if you live in the North East, why not call in and have a look at them working and chat to us about your needs?

HK Audio® Now in Stock at Prebeat

HK Audio Logo

Designed and manufactured in Germany to a high standard, we are delighted to become an official stockist/dealer for HK Audio® and carry some of their most popular lines both in stock for fast delivery and of course on display for you to hear in our Hartlepool showroom.

HK Audio have been established since 1979 and over the decades have developed products which are regarded as amongst the best available in the pro audio market. However, don’t think that HK Audio only produce expensive high end products for the large touring market, because their products start from only a few hundred pounds to give everyone in the entertainment and live audio industry a quality PA system that delivers every time.

Here at Prebeat, we have started our range of HK Audio products, which will grow over the coming weeks, with three of the most popular lines. First we feature the HK Audio Premium PR:O speaker and specifically the 12D Active model which is an attractive, affordable and powerful active PA speaker loaded with a 12″ Low/Mid driver and 1″ HF driver that are both powered by the built in 1,200 watt class-D bi-amplifier. This superb product features EQ presets and controls to help the user adjust the style of sound output required for their needs.

Next in line is the fantastic HK Audio Lucas Nano 605FX PA System which is a complete and portable PA system in one unit. Part of the Lucas Nano family, this particular model features Bluetooth streaming, on board reverb effects and a powerful 460w RMS output. The built in mixer within the Lucas Nano 605FX allows various inputs and control to give this PA system a varied range of uses such as in the gym, at parties or for entertainers – and with a weight of only 16.3kg is easily moved from venue to venue if needed.

Finally, in our current selection we have the mighty HK Audio Lucas 2K15 Active PA System which overs an almighty 2,000 watt peak output (670w RMS) from a 2.1 stereo system comprising of 8″ satellite speakers and a thumping 15″ bass subwoofer. This particular system is designed with the Mobile DJ in mind as although a much bigger system than the Nano models it is still very transportable and offers a far bigger sound to match. Remember these products are all made in Germany and come with a 5 year warranty to offer each user peace of mind.

Take a look at our HK Audio range of products today :

Let it Snow! Machines to Make Christmas Truly Magical

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Here at Prebeat, we’re big fans of white snow on ground the festive period – but short of putting in a word with the jolly old man himself, even we can’t guarantee snow! Or can we?

Well, thanks to our range of stage effects products, we can, actually! It might not be the crisp white stuff that crunches underfoot, but whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or simply entertaining the family, it’ll do the job.

We stock indoor snow machines from leading industry brands like Equinox, ADJ and FxLAB – so if it’s professional products you’re looking for, these items are sure to deliver. Don’t worry, you can stock up on snow fluid, too! So, whether it’s festive fun you’re looking for or you want to bring a touch of snow to summertime, these year-round party products are for you.

Equinox Snowflake

The new kid on the block is the Eqinox Snowflake snow making machine. Delivering realistic looking snowflakes and with snow fluid included, this beauty is a real bargain – but still doesn’t compromise on quality. The Snowflake snow machine – for sale from just £35.00 – promises to add that extra sprinkle of magic to any event and is ideal for family gatherings or small indoor parties. Why not pop into our Hartlepool showroom and see them for yourselves?

Okay, so we can’t guarantee a white winter wonderland this festive period, but with an artificial snow machine, you can have the next best thing! Check out our range of snow machines and fluid today and make sure you’re well prepared for a truly magical Christmas.

The Prebeat Team

JTS Wired Microphones Are Now in Stock

We are delighted to stock our first batch of professional microphones from JTS Pro and we have started with a fantastic range of wired microphones to give our customers the perfect choice regardless of your budget and purpose.

To start with, let’s look at the low cost TX-7 and TX-8 models which are perfect for presenters or maybe DJs who need a reliable and great sounding dynamic microphone without the high cost. However, don’t let the price of these wired microphones fool you – as they offer great performance and reliability.

For vocalists who need a professional wired microphone that some customers tell us will eat the usual popular models for breakfast in terms of tone, volume, feedback rejection and handling noise (we won’t name names as they’re all great products too, but we’re sure you know what we’re talking about)- then look no further than the JTS NX-8. This has been around for many years and comes in both a switch and no switch versions. Adding to this quality microphone we have the JTS NX-7 that has the same capsule as the NX-8 just mentioned, but with a flat top so the capsule sits closer to the source. This is excellent for vocalists with microphone technique and also great for micing guitar cabinets.

Also in our fantastic range is the NX-8.8, which is a live vocal condenser microphone which requires phantom power and vastly reduces volume and tone changes when moving away from the source. This is a great choice for cabaret singers and anybody with extreme microphone technique who sings big ballad numbers where they pull the microphone away from the source – as the tone doesn’t change as it does with a normal dynamic microphone.

Finally, there ‘s the NX-9 condenser instrument microphone which too requires phantom power and is very sensitive, so great for micing instruments or overheads. With all of these models, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice!

This great range of wired microphones is now available on our website with next working day delivery or also available in our fantastic Hartlepool showroom.

View our entire JTS range here >

Do You Need a Portable PA System?

With the amazing summer we have had this year, which hopefully isn’t Ibiza Sound PORT15VHFcompletely over just yet, there’s been a surge in the popularity of portable PA systems. With such a large range to choose from, it can sometimes be a little confusing when you start to look for the perfect option for you. The Ibiza PORT range of portable PA speakers feature SD, USB, Bluetooth, line and microphone input with many of the models such as the Ibiza PORT12UHF-BT Portable PA coming with a wireless microphone included.

American Audio ELS GO 8BTSo what should you look for? I would say the battery life is one of the most important things and one of the common issues occurs when customers buy their speaker for an annual event and then place the unit back in their cupboard until the following year. It’s really important to remember to get the portable PA system out a couple of times throughout the year, charge it up and then use it for a short period. What often happens is when the battery in the unit hasn’t been used, it won’t charge up when you suddenly decide to use it a year later.

Power could be important, this is the sound output on the PA speaker described in watts – the larger your event space then the more power you need. Without getting in to too much detail, there are other factors that help with loudness so it’s a little like other things you may buy – in that the more you spend often means the better the sound quality. You will of course get more power on say a PORT15VHF system than you would from the PORT8VHF model which is much smaller. You should also consider what music source you will use too, connecting via Bluetooth to any device often costs you around 10% of the loudness, so if you can, use the wired line in connection to get more volume.

We are always here to help with any portable or full PA system needs you have and can help you to chose the right product for both your needs and your budget, but if you’d like to take a look at some of the products in the range then take a look here >

The New ADJ Entour Faze Machine Has Landed in Stock

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a whole range of haze machines come and go from different manufacturers, with varied success – and although there are a huge selection of Smoke Machines and Fog Machines available, it appears for some reason that companies struggle to bring affordable haze machines to the market.

We believe that a great new addition to our range of haze ADJ Entour Fazemachines will give our customers the choice of a reliable product at a great and very affordable price. The brand new ADJ Entour Faze Machine is what they call a fazer – yes, a faze machine, and we hear you asking what the difference is. So, the idea behind a haze machine compared to a fog machine is that the haze comes out with more of an even flow and not as ‘in-your-face’ as fog. If your event requires heavier use of a hazer, it can sometimes be a slight problem when the unit pauses to heat up. Whilst we don’t usually hear of any problems with this, the idea behind a faze machine is that the haze can be produced almost constantly. Here, with Entour Faze from ADJ, the unit is ready to use in only 40 seconds and still uses the water – haze fluids that we stock, too.

If you are one of the many customers who tell us they go to venues that don’t allow smoke machines, then the Entour Faze may just be the solution. Using this great product to get an even flow of haze which is much less visible to the eye, but still gives the required impact on your lighting show, could be the way to educate venues and change their opinion. One of the biggest questions we get from our customers is: “does it still set off smoke alarms?” The answer is, yes it can, but it’s less likely to do so.  Using the hazer or fazer responsibly can make sure that doesn’t happen and remember to make sure you’re aware of where the smoke sensors are. Some venues will have heat sensors instead, so you can use the unit without any worries at all.

The ADJ Entour Faze also comes with a wired remote control, where you can adjust the output volume – a great feature for moving from smaller to larger venues and of course can be used via DMX with the option of 1,2 or 4 DMX channel modes.

View The Full Spec On The ADJ Entour Faze Now >>>

FBT Active Speakers Now Available

FBT Logo

When it comes to the best powered speakers, there’s no doubt you don’t need to look much further than the range of FBT speakers we have for sale. We have a large range of models available, all of which come with the 5-year extended warranty available to give you piece of mind.

Let’s look at some of the active speakers in the range, starting with the FBT X-Series range with 4 models available. The X-Lite 10A, X-Lite 12A and X-Lite 15A models all have an amazing 1000w of power and feature DSP that allows 4 x EQ preset selections. If you’re looking for that larger system, then these can be used alongside the very affordable X-SUB 15SA, featuring a 1200w class D power amplifier. This range is FBT’s most affordable range, but don’t let that fool you – as the performance from this range is impressive, whether you’re using them as powered DJ speakers, for installation or for live performance.

FBT Vertus CS1000 BlackMaybe you want a full range system with a difference? How about taking a look at the FBT Vertus CS1000 active speaker system? This compact system offers a 1000w output with a wide dispersion to give an even sound throughout your venue. The high quality output from the CS1000 means it’s perfect for use as a single system in smaller venues or to double up for those slightly larger events.

Whatever needs you have, there’s no doubt that the FBT range of speakers offer something for you –  take a look at our range today, as this is only a small selection of the active PA speakers available.

Find out more about our FBT speakers here >

The Prebeat Team

Hartlepool Carnival is on its Way

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be suspicious of this lovely weather we’veamusement park been having! Sunny July days and England in a World Cup semi final…seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?!

Well, with summer comes plenty of outdoor fun, and Hartlepool locals know that this means it won’t be long before the Carnival arrives on the Headland Moor. As stockists of all kinds of
Moving Head Lights, we love nothing more than when the fair comes to town – especially if we can spot some of our popular products!

Last month we popped along to Newcastle’s Hoppings, where it was great to see our ADJ Focus Spot Three Z on display on the Waltzers! ADJ Lighting never disappoints, and the Moving Head Lights are right at home at the fairground, bringing plenty of fun and excitement for visitors of all ages. These amazing lights make the perfect addition to fast-paced rides – so if you’re looking for the finishing touch, these lights truly do bring all the fun of the fair.

These dynamic and versatile lights aren’t just at home at the Carnival either! They’re also ideal for high-energy live performances, so they’re guaranteed to bring any stage or dancefloor to life.

Find out more about our DMX Lighting or brilliant ADJ Moving Head Lights here >

Will you be visiting the Headland Carnival this August? What’s your favourite fairground ride? Are you a Rollercoaster lover or a secret fan of the Umbrellas? No judgement here! Tweet us @PreBeatLtd to let us know!

The Prebeat Team

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Thanks for visiting the Prebeat blog! As a company, we’re proud to say Prebeat Showroomwe’ve been providing sound, lighting and much more to the entertainment industry since longer than we’d care to remember – 1999 in fact! Our showroom is based in Hartlepool but if you’re a little further afield, you can browse all of our products online – or simply give us a call if there’s anything you’d like to chat about in person.

With years of experience under our belts, we believe we’re best placed to help our customers find exactly what they’re looking for – whatever their sector. From schools and leisure centres to fairgrounds and weddings, we know that there’s no room for compromise when it comes to your set up. That’s why we strive to deliver the best possible results, at a price that suits you – checking industry prices daily and always happy to discuss price matching.

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