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Music copyright law concept. Headphones and judge gavel background 21/11/2023

How Can I Legally Play Music In My Business?

Background music in a store or business can help transform it, whether by creating a certain mood, encouraging customers to enter, or keeping staff motivated and happy.  Music is a powerful tool in defining your brand and creating a welcoming atmosphere, but did you know that to play music in your business legally, you must have a music license? Failure to comply could result in a hefty fine for your business or even prosecution, so you must hold a valid music license before you play any music in your store.... Read More

Business people having a meeting in the office. 21/11/2023

The Benefits Of Background Music For Your Business

Background music can be really powerful for your business or workplace. Known for its ability to boost productivity in the office and drive purchases in store, if you’re not experiencing the benefits of background music for your business yet, then now is the time to start. In this blog, we’re looking at all of the ways that background music can be beneficial in enhancing the productivity and creativity of your workforce whilst driving customers to make purchases in your store.  From the best music to play to what to avoid... Read More

a young woman hits the high notes, holding her radio mic upright on stage 09/10/2023

Top Tips On Improving Microphone Technique For Singers

If you’re a singer, you can rely on a good-quality microphone to help enhance your voice and performance. However, how you hold and use a microphone can impact the success of your performance overall. Good microphone technique can be a singer’s greatest skill, and its effectiveness is often overlooked. For impactful performances every time, it’s important to practise with a microphone to become fully comfortable using one on stage.  In this guide, we’re pulling together our top tips on perfecting your microphone technique. From holding the mic correctly to avoiding... Read More

A condenser microphone on a stand against a coloured background 22/09/2023

What Are The Main Microphone Types And When Should I Use Them?

Microphones are an essential factor in good-quality audio performance and recording. Still, with so many different types available, knowing which to invest in can be difficult.  Different types of audio require different microphones, and in this blog, we’re breaking down each in turn, so whether you’re a budding podcaster or a professional recording artist, you’ll have a better idea of which to invest in.  So, if you’ve been wondering what the differences are between dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones, or if you’re interested in separating your USBs from your XLRs,... Read More

Ibiza Sound Infinity Active Home Party Speaker 25/07/2023

The 5 Best Home Party Speakers For 2023

If you’re planning on throwing a lavish house party, there’s one thing you need to get right: the sound! There’s nothing worse than inviting guests around for a dance only to find that they can’t hear the music above the hustle and bustle of party guests. At Prebeat, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for below-par acoustics. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of the best home party speakers for 2023, from the best choice on a budget to the best for dancing; whatever your party’s theme, there’s... Read More


The all new Studiomaster Vortex 12A

This week a brand new speaker from Studiomaster has been released and here at Prebeat we have already received that first delivery. The Studiomaster Vortex 12A is a 12” active speaker (also known as a powered speaker) which is an evolved version of the very popular Studiomaster Drive 12A model that has been a best seller for us, for many years. We must at this point confess that we are a huge fans of Studiomaster, not just for their products which we feel are amongst the best in terms of... Read More

Hi-Fi acoustic sound system closeup. 07/06/2023

What are the important differences between active and passive PA speakers?

Are you looking to buy your first PA system or upgrade your current one? Whether you’re a brand new band who wants to get out gigging,  a fitness instructor or professional speaker with many bookings, it’s important to consider exactly what you require from your PA’s setup before investing in a new one. One of the fundamental things to consider when investing in your PA system is whether or not you require active or passive PA speakers. If this is terminology that you’re unfamiliar with, don’t worry because, at Prebeat,... Read More

DJ playing a set to a live audience 23/02/2023

DJ Lighting: What you need to get started

If you are just starting out as a DJ, figuring out what lighting equipment you need can be difficult. You want to perform at your best and give your guests an unforgettable experience, but you can’t do that with a bad setup.  Before purchasing any DJ equipment, there are numerous factors to consider, and we’d recommend you invest in some good DJ lighting. DJ lighting can completely change the mood and atmosphere of a venue. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you can do it on a budget. At Prebeat,... Read More


Introducing the new Studiomaster DIRECT array speakers

Just before Christmas we saw the arrival of the brand new DIRECT array speakers from Studiomaster, this includes two models DIRECT101MX and DIRECT 121MX that will no doubt look familiar to many people.  These column style array speakers have become popular with both brands and consumers over recent years and give a different sound to the normal PA style speaker.  The Studiomaster DIRECT 101MX is a 10” version and the DIRECT 121MX is their 12” version, this size refers of course to the SUB driver size.  The actual two piece... Read More

crowd-dances-silently 02/09/2022

W Audio Silent Disco Packs and the rise of the Silent Disco

With early roots in Japanese science fiction and then Glastonbury Festival, the origins of the silent disco are up for debate but the rise has been meteoric. The concept allows revellers to tune into a selected frequency either to plug-in with fellow clubbers or listen to something completely different. Silent Discos have proven popular around the world with both the sound and sight aspect of them being something you just have to experience. Can you imagine walking into a silent room with hundreds of people dancing?! That’s exactly what a... Read More