Chauvet’s Hurricane Bubble Haze Arrives in the UK

It was at a recent trip to the annual BPM DJ Show that the brand new Hurricane Bubble Haze from Chauvet caught my eye. I remember many years ago when these shows had all the new products to show you, but with the modern world of the internet, we now know about new products as soon as they’re available. However, no one was really talking about this product before the show and then you could see crowds of people gathering to see it working on the Chauvet stand at BPM. So of course we ordered some stock and now it’s available.

What’s unique about this effects machine I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you it isn’t a budget bubble machine for a start. This is a professional bubble machine that can be used with DMX. You may also have seen the £50 or £100 bubble machines which are very popular and great for what they can do, but they all use the same method of storing the bubble fluid – in a tray that needs to be emptied each time you use the machine. The Chauvet Hurricane Bubble Haze can be used just for the bubbles and uses a bottle in the rear for the fluid which takes away this annoying task. It also is very good at producing a lot of bubbles quickly and using the gravity-fed bubble reservoir – and it recirculates the unused bubble fluid to reduce the fluid consumption.

This unit can also be used as a stand alone haze machine. However, the magic happens when you use both together! Imagine the fantastic spray of bubbles being produced and floating up into the air – which are also filled with haze fluid. Yes, that’s correct – filled with haze fluid. This makes them more visible for one, and of course, as they burst it leaves the haze in the air to enhance your light show too.

The other features of this superb machine include it being always ready to continuously produce haze or bubbles, and the built-in cleaning feature to help reduce clogs and give the Hurricane Bubble Haze a longer problem-free life. Chauvet have also produced the perfect haze fluid (HF5) and bubble fluid (BF5) for this machine to make sure it works perfectly.

Take a look at the Chauvet Hurricane Bubble Haze here >

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