Coronavirus and the Entertainment Industry

It’s a scary time for everyone right now. 

Whether you’re a supplier like us or a DJ who’s seen several of your events cancelled, we get it – and we want to help in any way we can. We’ve put together this post to show a bit of solidarity through these uncertain times, and offer some advice for DJs and those in the entertainment industry to help you plan for coming out of the other side. 

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Check & service your kit

If you’re struggling for things to do – whether this is due to self-isolating, government restrictions or because of event cancellations – this could be a good time to check and clean your kit. We appreciate supermarket stock is low so if you don’t have the necessary equipment to carry out a properly clean, don’t worry – use what you have to hand. 

Pull out all of your power cables and batteries before you get started – as well as any USBs and media cards. If you can get your hands on one, a microfibre cloth will help you get into those hard-to-reach places between knobs and buttons, and are also ideal for keeping media screens dirt-free. If you’re using an older cloth, you’ll want to make sure this is clean and not harbouring dirt before you get started.

Use this “down time” to carry out checks on all of your equipment, ensuring everything is in working order and good to go when your diary starts filling up again. Because we don’t know exactly how long this will go on for, you might want to turn your kit on every couple of weeks just so nothing’s left sitting unused for too long. 

Review your admin processes

If you’ve been meaning to update your processes and procedures for a while now, this could be the perfect opportunity to do just that. Whether it’s the way you take bookings or the way you manage your diary, there’s no better time than now to get more organised with the way you run events.

There’s also no harm in carrying out a little inventory in terms of what you have so you know you’re good to go when the time comes. This can include your DJ library, too. When you’re rushing from booking to booking, it can be difficult to update your music and stay one step ahead of the industry, so use this time to refresh your playlists and experiment.

Refresh your marketing approach

Now is a good time to do a bit of a spring clean on your approach to marketing, and it could be well worth considering tactics that differ from your existing strategy. If you’ve been thinking about updating your logo or, this is the ideal time

If you have a website, consider writing more content for your blog to update people about your services and what’s going on in your industry. Same goes for social, too. Keep your channels active and communicate with others in your industry, as well as customers. This sort of activity might not yield results overnight, but it will put you in the best position possible for when the world goes back to normal. 

Keep your customers updated

From engagements and weddings to christenings and birthday parties, we know your diary is probably looking pretty empty right about now, and while this is financially challenging and devastating for your business, it’s important to try and show compassion to your customers where you can.

Keep them updated over the coming weeks by updating your social channels and letting them know that you’re ready to spring back into action as soon as government bans are lifted. Of course we’re all playing it by ear on a daily basis, but once you know more about what the latest news means for you and your job, make sure you’re communicating this to your customers.

Don’t lose hope

Social distancing
Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

We understand that so much is uncertain right now, but if you can, hold on to hope. Try to support each other where possible. And don’t forget that, for now, we’re still being allowed to spend time outdoors, as long as we’re practising social distancing.

Stay safe everyone.

More advice from the government on social distancing >

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Please, if you can, support local businesses through this challenging time.

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