Demo Day – Equinox Helix, Graphix and Hallucination

In just over a week’s time we’ll be hosting a demo day in our showroom for three exciting new Equinox products. The Helix, Graphix and Hallucination are some of the most eagerly awaited of the year and local customers can be among the first to check them out. All new effects, each one of these products are really impressive and well worth experiencing in person. The Helix XP 150W is a captivating Gobo Flower that produces an array of multi colour rotating gobos whilst the Hallucination is it’s own mega bright LED projection effect. Last but not least is the Graphix which projects exciting patterns through a rotating graphics wheel.

If you have been in the industry for many years then the brand new Equinox Graphix and Hallucination might look familiar. Does the name Wildtech ring a bell? The new fixtures are based on the Acme Wildtech Hallucination and the Acme Wildtech Orbital. However, with a different product now using the name Orbit it was decided to use Graphix as the product name to save confusion. The old wiltech fixtures used lamps and at the time where extemely popular – so much so that for many years customers have been mentioning them regularly as a need for LED versions – and the wait is over.

Our Hartlepool showroom will have these products on demo from 1-6pm on Thursday April 21st. Alongside the new items we’ll have lots more action in-store including coffee and donuts and a chance to be one of the first in the country to order the new products. If this sounds like your idea of a good afternoon then head over to our Facebook page and be sure to click attending. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you in-store on the day and showcasing what these new effects can do.

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