DJ Lighting: What you need to get started

If you are just starting out as a DJ, figuring out what lighting equipment you need can be difficult. You want to perform at your best and give your guests an unforgettable experience, but you can’t do that with a bad setup. 

Before purchasing any DJ equipment, there are numerous factors to consider, and we’d recommend you invest in some good DJ lighting. DJ lighting can completely change the mood and atmosphere of a venue. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you can do it on a budget.

At Prebeat, we have a huge selection of DJ equipment for you to choose from to suit all budgets and skills. We know how important it is to make an informed decision when purchasing professional equipment. That’s why we have created this guide to walk you through choosing the right DJ lighting equipment, so you feel confident and ready to put on the performance of your life. 

DJ performing a set

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Types of DJ equipment you’ll need for your DJ setup

DJ lighting

Wash lighting

Effects lighting


Pro Tips for Beginners Using DJ Lighting for the First Time

Things to consider before purchasing DJ equipment

Types of DJ equipment you’ll need

If you are starting to build your beginner DJ set up, you’ll need a collection of essential DJ equipment. So what do you need to get started and create memorable nights for your guests? We have compiled a list to get you started.

DJ lighting

Once you have the basic equipment and a killer playlist, you can start having fun and exploring your lighting options. Building a light show isn’t difficult, but creating an impressive one requires more skill. 

You may ask yourself, do you really need lighting if the music is good? But the answer is yes. It can instantly make a party more fun and inviting. It allows you to charge more for your DJ services,  provide a better show, and to create and change the mood and atmosphere depending on your music choices. Here at Prebeat, we have a huge selection of DJ lighting, but first, let’s run through your options.

DJ performing a set to an audience

Wash lighting

Wash lighting is the base that every DJ needs. It is a well-rounded and versatile tool to have in your kit. Wash lighting is essential for an effective light show; it provides smooth, diffuse lighting to brighten any area. 

The main purpose of wash lighting is to allow DJs to dim or completely turn off overhead lighting throughout a performance. This encourages guests to get up on the dance floor and enjoy the show, creating an inviting atmosphere. 

To use wash lights effectively, they should be set up high in the air, aiming down at the space to be illuminated. You can attach them to t-bars, totem, truss or even at the tip of speaker cabinets. 

You can control your wash lights with the automated programs already built into the lights, or you can opt for a DMX controller or lighting remotes. These options will give you full and convenient control over your lighting show. They also make the transition to different lights more seamless and sleek. 

Types of wash lighting available 

There are a few ways you can add wash lighting to your performance, and at Prebeat, we provide a selection of quality wash lighting for you to choose from to suit all your needs and budgets. So what are your options? 

Par cans
Lighting bars

LED Par cans are a popular choice in the entertainment industry and are the perfect tool for effective wash lighting. They are usually circular and have a very narrow beam, so you usually need more than one to fill a space. LED par cans produce bright, powerful lighting with low power consumption making them the perfect DJ lighting option.  

Your second option is lighting bars, which offer versatility and compactness. Lighting bars are usually mounted to truss or hanging brackets but can be floor-standing. They offer a range of unique attributes, including their ultra-thin profile and increased brightness due to the number of diodes. With the ability to individually control lighting bars, you have more freedom to experiment and create unique lighting shows.  

DJ playing a set to an audience with DJ lights

Effects Lighting

Effect lighting is pointed all around the room and dance floor to create an atmosphere and tie everything together. You can be playful and experimental with effects lighting. 

Remember to synchronise your lighting to your music, so you don’t overdo it. We have various effects lighting options for you, including moving heads, strobe, laser and UV lighting.

Types of effects lighting available 

Your options to add effects lighting to your set-up are unlimited. They help to  provide the extra touch that will turn your lighting display from amateur to professional. We have a huge selection of effects lighting to suit your needs and budgets; explore some options below.

Moving heads

Moving heads are a great addition to any kit and can be used for many events, including stage shows, discos, weddings and gigs. With their bright and bold lighting beams, they can transform any space. Moving heads are available in a range of prices to suit any budget. They usually sync with the music to deliver a seamless experience for all your guests. 

Laser lighting

Laser lighting is a great option for effects lighting. You can put on a show-stopping performance by creating focused laser beams and animated effects and patterns. These can be displayed on walls, ceilings and floors for guests to enjoy.

Bright laser DJ lights to support DJs set


If uplighting is used correctly, an event space can be completely transformed. Uplighting is an affordable and easy way to make your set-up more professional, allowing you to charge more per gig. 

Uplighting is usually pointed up to walls, columns and backdrops and runs in a stand-alone mode or static colour. Imagine the mood and atmosphere you want at your event, then use uplighting to highlight the space’s shape from above.

Types of uplighting available 

With countless options to add uplighting to your set-up, you can take your performance to the next level. We have a massive collection of uplighting to suit your needs and budgets, including LED par cans and more.

Wireless uplighting

A great addition to your set-up, our wireless uplighting collection projects to illuminate walls, columns and more. They are rechargeable and portable to give you freedom on the move and are usually operated by mains or a remote for full control. With the option of additional rechargeable batteries, wireless uplighting is a great investment. 

Stage uplighting

Stage uplighting is a great way to add additional uplighting to your venue. Positioned to sit directly on the ground or inside a truss, it instantly brings colour and excitement to a space. Usually, a compact design for easy transporting; the robust housing of stage lighting makes it versatile. Stage uplighting can further enhance an event, pulling your whole performance together for a unique experience. 

Pro tips for beginners using DJ lighting

  1. When you are buying light setups, make sure you use symmetry to your advantage for balanced lighting.
  2. Ensure you only add light effects when you feel confident and ready to do so. 
  3. Depending on your venue and the event/celebration you are performing for, fog is a great option to create an atmosphere.
  4. Add various moving fixtures into your set-up, to deliver a more developed and professional performance.
  5. DMX or sound-activated lights will allow you to focus more on the music and let the lights do the work themselves. 
DJ playing a set to a group of people

Things to consider when buying DJ lighting

You should consider several things before purchasing DJ lighting.

Is Djing a hobby or something you are pursuing professionally? The answer to this question may impact your budget, so it’s worth considering.  

You need to budget your money to cover all the DJ equipment needed to get started. Only once you start playing shows and making a profit can you invest in more expensive and additional equipment. Think about where you plan to play shows and the DJ equipment you need to put on a spectacular show. 

Having a full DJ set up with additional lights can transform your performance. Although it is a financial investment, if you plan on pursuing a professional career in DJing, it is 100% worth it. 

Due to our diverse range of DJ lighting and DJ equipment from many industry-leading brands, we can cater to all budgets, from higher-end to lower-end products. 

Light up DJ controllers and boards

If you have all the right tools, you can put on a spectacular show, leaving your guests wanting more. It also lets you potentially charge higher fees due to the standard of your equipment and show. 

Discover the latest and best DJ equipment online today with Prebeat, and be ready to put on the best performance of your life and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

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