Do You Need a Portable PA System?

With the amazing summer we have had this year, which hopefully isn’t Ibiza Sound PORT15VHFcompletely over just yet, there’s been a surge in the popularity of portable PA systems. With such a large range to choose from, it can sometimes be a little confusing when you start to look for the perfect option for you. The Ibiza PORT range of portable PA speakers feature SD, USB, Bluetooth, line and microphone input with many of the models such as the Ibiza PORT12UHF-BT Portable PA coming with a wireless microphone included.

American Audio ELS GO 8BTSo what should you look for? I would say the battery life is one of the most important things and one of the common issues occurs when customers buy their speaker for an annual event and then place the unit back in their cupboard until the following year. It’s really important to remember to get the portable PA system out a couple of times throughout the year, charge it up and then use it for a short period. What often happens is when the battery in the unit hasn’t been used, it won’t charge up when you suddenly decide to use it a year later.

Power could be important, this is the sound output on the PA speaker described in watts – the larger your event space then the more power you need. Without getting in to too much detail, there are other factors that help with loudness so it’s a little like other things you may buy – in that the more you spend often means the better the sound quality. You will of course get more power on say a PORT15VHF system than you would from the PORT8VHF model which is much smaller. You should also consider what music source you will use too, connecting via Bluetooth to any device often costs you around 10% of the loudness, so if you can, use the wired line in connection to get more volume.

We are always here to help with any portable or full PA system needs you have and can help you to chose the right product for both your needs and your budget, but if you’d like to take a look at some of the products in the range then take a look here >

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