JTS Wired Microphones Are Now in Stock

We are delighted to stock our first batch of professional microphones from JTS Pro and we have started with a fantastic range of wired microphones to give our customers the perfect choice regardless of your budget and purpose.

To start with, let’s look at the low cost TX-7 and TX-8 models which are perfect for presenters or maybe DJs who need a reliable and great sounding dynamic microphone without the high cost. However, don’t let the price of these wired microphones fool you – as they offer great performance and reliability.

For vocalists who need a professional wired microphone that some customers tell us will eat the usual popular models for breakfast in terms of tone, volume, feedback rejection and handling noise (we won’t name names as they’re all great products too, but we’re sure you know what we’re talking about)- then look no further than the JTS NX-8. This has been around for many years and comes in both a switch and no switch versions. Adding to this quality microphone we have the JTS NX-7 that has the same capsule as the NX-8 just mentioned, but with a flat top so the capsule sits closer to the source. This is excellent for vocalists with microphone technique and also great for micing guitar cabinets.

Also in our fantastic range is the NX-8.8, which is a live vocal condenser microphone which requires phantom power and vastly reduces volume and tone changes when moving away from the source. This is a great choice for cabaret singers and anybody with extreme microphone technique who sings big ballad numbers where they pull the microphone away from the source – as the tone doesn’t change as it does with a normal dynamic microphone.

Finally, there ‘s the NX-9 condenser instrument microphone which too requires phantom power and is very sensitive, so great for micing instruments or overheads. With all of these models, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice!

This great range of wired microphones is now available on our website with next working day delivery or also available in our fantastic Hartlepool showroom.

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