New Product | Chauvet Gobozap

With 15 months of lockdown and an industry that has been hit hard with this awful pandemic it has been some time since we had any new products that are worthy of talking about. We can feel the excitement for our customers who are starting to get back to work or take bookings for work later in the year. So you can imagine how pleased we have been to start and get visits from reps again from our favourite brands and supplier – and a couple of weeks ago a visit from Rob at Chauvet was one we enjoyed. During the visit we were delighted to have a peak at the brand new DMX lignting effect from Chauvet Lighting – the Gobozap!

The Chauvet Gobozap is a dunamic LED barrel scanner effect light which when you look closely resembles two of their popular Chauvet Obsession lights pointing inwards to a barrel mirror that rotates and moves to fire the gobos and beams across the room. Many customers say the idea for this Chauvet product may have come from an older popular disco light effect from many years ago – we couldn’t possibly comment on that!

Using 2 bright cool white LEDs that are 180w you can see the clarity of the gobos and the colours which are different to a lot of what you see in todays LED lighting effects and that is what really makes this superb product unique. if you are able to use haze or smoke on your lighting show then there is no doubt that will enhance the Chauvet Gobozap effect even more with bright coloured dancing beams and of course as you would expect this product has the usual DMX, Stand-alone or Master/Slave operating modes and can be controlled by the Chauvet IRC-6 which is available seperately. Most of our customers are happy to run these on stand alone and usually sound activated with its built in microphone or even better take two of these units and DMX them together with one as the Master and the other in Slave mode to create a truly amazing lighting show.

The Chauvet Gobozap is now in stock and ready for next day delivery and currently on demo in our Hartlepool showroom too if you are local. We do expect the first shipment to sell out quickly as our industry re-opens at pace and we all keep our fingers crossed for the big unlock on 19th July. In the meantime we hope to hear from you or call in for a coffee and see this great lighting effect working.

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