New Product Update

It seems that 2020 is off to a flying start for new products in our industry and it’s been many years since we have seen so many great products launched in January that have everyone talking. It isn’t going to stop there too, there are many more products on their way during February and March so make sure you keep looking at our new products page of the website to keep up to date.

The biggest launch has to have been the Equinox Helix which we have spoken about in a previous blog, so we won’t dwell on this one here – however, it landed this week and all were sold immediately. Unfortunately, the Helix doesn’t come back into stock for at least a couple of months. Don’t be too disappointed though – if it’s a gobo flower effect you’re looking for, there are 2 other products hitting the market in the coming weeks that are certainly worth looking at. The first is from the same company. The Equinox Axis is a 50w gobo flower and will arrive with us around 5th February – and just like the Equinox Helix is looking like a sell out for the first delivery. It seems gobos are definitely in for the mobile DJ again, as Chauvet also released details of their new effect, the Chauvet Obsession, which is due to land early March 2020 and features a bright 60w LED. If you go back to the days of lighting when they used lamps, the moon flower or gobo flower were available in many forms and you would see them in most venues or on DJs rigs. It’s been a long time coming for a bright LED version to arrive and it seems they are all arriving together.

Moving onto audio and this month has seen the arrival here at Prebeat of the Avante AS8 columns speaker system which offers 250w output from a system that is very portable and lightweight. The output on this system is impressive, with a clear quality sound that’s easy to achieve with the built-in mixer that also has Bluetooth. There are some people who would need more power than this, and next week will see the arrival of a new product from HK Audio. The HK Audio Polar 10 column speaker system is a powerful system with a 2000w built-in amplifier and again features a built-in mixer with Bluetooth. The way in which these column speaker systems produce the sound is clean and crisp to give you a different output to what you would expect to hear from normal active PA speakers. The wide coverage means you have a more even sound around the room, which is what’s making these systems more popular than ever before.

Whether you’re a DJ, performer or maybe a fitness class instructor, the portability and easiness of use makes both the Avante AS8 and HK Audio Polar 10 perfect.

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