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Introducing the new Studiomaster DIRECT array speakers

Just before Christmas we saw the arrival of the brand new DIRECT array speakers from Studiomaster, this includes two models DIRECT101MX and DIRECT 121MX that will no doubt look familiar to many people.  These column style array speakers have become popular with both brands and consumers over recent years and give a different sound to the normal PA style speaker.  The Studiomaster DIRECT 101MX is a 10” version and the DIRECT 121MX is their 12” version, this size refers of course to the SUB driver size.  The actual two piece... Read More

Avante AS8 01/02/2020

New Product Update

It seems that 2020 is off to a flying start for new products in our industry and it’s been many years since we have seen so many great products launched in January that have everyone talking. It isn’t going to stop there too, there are many more products on their way during February and March so make sure you keep looking at our new products page of the website to keep up to date. The biggest launch has to have been the Equinox Helix which we have spoken about in... Read More