The Benefits Of Background Music For Your Business

Background music can be really powerful for your business or workplace.

Known for its ability to boost productivity in the office and drive purchases in store, if you’re not experiencing the benefits of background music for your business yet, then now is the time to start.

In this blog, we’re looking at all of the ways that background music can be beneficial in enhancing the productivity and creativity of your workforce whilst driving customers to make purchases in your store. 

From the best music to play to what to avoid when choosing your playlists, we’re here to help you make background music the soundtrack to your success!

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What are the benefits of background music?

What are the benefits of playing background music in my store?

What are the benefits of playing background music in the office?

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What are the benefits of background music?

In both business and commercial environments, background music can be really beneficial. 

Background music is known to help elevate mood, making a workplace a happier environment and a retail space much more welcoming and inviting than a silent store. Music is said to increase productivity, improve concentration, and allow staff to perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently, whether assisting customers or powering through some daily tasks at their desks.

A close up of a woman with dark-rimmed glasses and braided long dark hair smiling as she sees co-workers. She wears a white shirt

All of these things are interrelated: music boosts mood, which increases concentration, which increases productivity and work satisfaction. Whilst listening to background music can bring you all of these benefits without any forward planning, factoring background music into your business strategy will allow your business to reap the rewards further down the line. 

Just remember to avoid playing loud music that is too distracting as this can have the opposite effect, alienating customers and distracting staff. Review your playlists regularly, check in with staff to see how they feel about the music and whether they enjoy what’s been offered, and always factor music into your plans when updating your business strategies.

What are the benefits of playing background music in my store?

A store with fitting background music can be a warm and inviting place, attracting multiple customers daily to shop for your products.

However, there are some important points to consider regarding the type of music you play in your store. Read on for tips on enhancing your store’s ambience by choosing the correct background music and the things to avoid so you don’t alienate your customers.

  1. Silence can be unwelcoming 

Have you ever noticed that customers enter and leave your silent store quickly, opting for competitors whose music you can hear from a distance? This happens because silence can make shoppers uncomfortable and exposed, causing them to leave quickly. 

Woman goes shopping for denim jeans in a clothing store.

The music in your store helps mask your customers’ voices and movements, helping them feel more comfortable and keeping their conversations and opinions private. 

Silence is deafening and can make customers feel stressed and uncomfortable whilst making your store seem uninviting, so it’s better to opt for ambient music that suits your brand. 

The correct music choice in your store can help elevate the mood of your customers and can help to attract and encourage more customers to come inside and purchase goods.

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  1. It helps to create the right atmosphere and brand image

With the competitive nature of the high street, the shopping experience you offer is a key factor in encouraging shoppers to walk through your door. 

Music helps to enhance your customers’ retail experience, and the music you choose impacts your store’s environment and their mood. 

Think about what you want your store to say to its key demographic, then choose your background music. 

Luxury Clothing Store Interior With Clothes, Shoes And Personal Accessories

For example, suppose you’re an aromatherapy or interiors brand. In that case, you may want to choose slow piano instrumental music to help create a relaxing environment and encourage your customers to spend lots of time in the relaxed haven of your store. Or, if you’re selling young fashion, you might choose fun pop music with a quick beat. 

The style of music and the loudness and tempo you choose can help give potential customers a sense of your brand and what you sell before they’ve even set foot in your store. 

If you were buying a new pair of trainers, for example, you wouldn’t expect to hear slow, classical music from the footwear store. More than likely, you’d hear dance music, current charting music or rap, depending on the nature of the brand. In the same way, you wouldn’t expect rap music to be playing if you were buying a formal suit. 

Choosing the right background music can be monumental in helping you to convey the nature of your brand, and it’s also worth considering it if you’re planning on rebranding, as your store’s music needs to set the tone so customers know what to expect. 

  1. Your music strategy can alter the pace of your shoppers

It’s a little-known fact that music can alter the pace at which shoppers shop depending on the BPM of the music.

A shot of busy escalators in a shopping mall

Whilst an energetic dance song may encourage customers to move through your store quickly, a relaxed piece of jazz or country music may persuade them to stay longer, browsing every aisle. 

The smartest businesses will consider these factors and play different styles and tempos at different times of the day to encourage customers to leave or stay in the store. 

Playing a faster tempo song during a particularly busy period or near closing time can help to push customers along their shopping journey more quickly. In contrast, slower-tempo music is perfect for off-peak hours when you may want to keep customers in your store longer.

  1. Music can create the illusion of shorter wait times

A good and entertaining soundtrack can make a long queue feel much shorter, as music can help to affect a customer’s perception of time. 

Couple at the front of the queue in a busy store

If your customers feel entertained, they’re less likely to get bored or annoyed and are, therefore, more likely to wait patiently in a long queue. This technique is also used for hold music, where upbeat and entertaining music is chosen to keep and retain customers on the telephone.

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What are the benefits of playing background music in the office?

Background music can be a successful mood elevator for office workers, helping to increase productivity and motivation and drown out distractions. 

Here are some of the many reasons why installing a background music system could be beneficial for your office staff:

  1. It removes the distraction of office noise

Offices can be noisy places filled with the sounds of buzzing lights, chatty coworkers, creaky floorboards, and tired air conditioning systems. When your staff are trying to concentrate, these can mount up into a considerable amount of noise, particularly when your staff can’t leave their desks. 

Large group of programmers working in a modern office of a software company

Background music can help mask background noise for a more ambient-sounding workplace.

  1. It boosts mood, motivation and productivity

We’ve already touched on the fact that background music can be good for mood, which is no exception in an office environment. If one of your employees has suffered from a bad day at home or a bad work meeting, music can help rectify that and keep them productive and motivated.

Good music helps our bodies release dopamine, a happy hormone that gives our senses pleasure, which is why it’s such a mood-booster, and happy employees equate to a happier and healthier workplace. 

Business people having a meeting in the office.

Music also impacts our sympathetic nervous system, the part of our system that initiates our fight or flight response. Its energising effects engage the system and encourage us to take action when we face a challenge, which is why it’s so good at increasing motivation and aiding productivity.

  1. It reduces stress and anxiety 

Music can help to reduce stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels. Employees who aren’t coping with stress and anxiety are much more likely to be productive. However, choosing a soundtrack that doesn’t increase stress is important. 

Popular, joyful music with a fast tempo can help to promote feelings of happiness and help the time at work to pass by more quickly. However, it’s worth noting that loud music or music with words can be distracting for those reading or writing, so instrumental tracks with varying tempos or classical music may be the best choice. 

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So now you know the benefits of playing background music in the workplace, why not invest in a background music solution for your business? 

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