The Equinox Helix Gobo Flower is Coming to Town

We’re over the moon to be bringing you the Equinox Helix 100w Gobo Flower – coming very soon to Prebeat! Since the NJD Datamoon was discontinued, the market has been missing a product of the same calibre, until now! 

The thought that has gone into creating this product is really something, and evident in its fantastic array of features. In terms of functionality, the Gobo Flower features 3 pin DMX inputs and outputs, has a 4 button push menu with an LED display and can be operated with the Equinox Acme CA 8 Hand Controller. It’s powered by a sharp, bright 100w LED and produces showers of sharp moving gobos that can be projected onto walls and dance floors – some shapes and colours can be activated by sound. 
If variety is what you’re looking for, you really won’t be disappointed here. Thanks to an impressive 9 colours and 11 different gobos on offer, you’ll have a lighting solution for every event. From heart gobos for weddings and Valentine’s Day events to star gobos for birthday parties and snowflake gobos for winter discos, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

You’ll notice that if you view either of these products right now, you’ll be met with an ‘Item out of Stock’ notice. That’s because they’re selling so quickly! However, as per the image below, you can click the purple button and we’ll email you when these are back in stock.

Just to let you know, the first delivery of the Equinox Helix 100w Gobo Flower in the white casing flew out, so we’re not expecting these back in stock until March. The black Gobo Flowers will be available at the end of January – but pre-ordering is highly recommended, as almost half of them have already been reserved! Give us a call today on 01429 872116 to reserve yours! 

You can also grab yourself a twin gear bag for your Helix Gobo Flowers here >

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