The Iconic KAM Brand is Reborn

In our industry and for as long as we have been retailing in it (that is an astonishing 20 years by the way), the KAM brand has been around to offer great products at affordable prices. In fact, KAM started in 1987 and after a small period out of the industry, they are back with some of their most popular products ever.

Here at Prebeat, we have taken delivery of the first batch of products and already – within just a couple of weeks – they are proving popular. The range starts with 4 models of active speaker. The KAM RZ12A and KAM RZ15A are the usual active speaker (with a built-in amplifier in the rear – also often called powered speakers), but with an amazing price tag. Alongside these there is the KAM RZ12ABT and KAM RZ15ABT models which have the popular added feature of Bluetooth and yet again the price is very affordable.

Featuring the Bluetooth, the KAM RZ12ABT model also features a media player to allow the use of USB sticks and SD cards for MP3 playblack. This makes this portable model perfect for fitness instructors or maybe children’s entertainers. It may be that you take a pair of these to use as normal PA speakers plugged into your mixing desk and then when doing smaller venues or if you have the need just for background music, then the media player comes in to play. All 4 models of this range have a 35mm pole mount to allow you to use normal PA speaker stands and are fairly light weight.

The KAM active speakers are now in stock ready for free next day delivery to the UK & many European countries, or you can of course come and visit our Hartlepool showroom if you would like to take a look at these before you buy. More products in the KAM range are arriving during April 2019 and this will include their portable PA range with trolley handles and rechargeable batteries – o,h and of course, not forgetting built-in wireless microphones. Finally, their KAM KHM600 haze machine will also arrive this month, with a timer remote and fluid included – making it ready to use at a fantastic price.

Check out the complete KAM range here >

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