You Can Now Create An Exciting Light Show With The MKIII Fusion Range

Last week saw the arrival of the brand new MKIII versions of Fusion products from Equinox as we welcomed them into our warehouse and demo space. Equinox lighting has aimed their products very much at the mobile DJ and small installation market this time around with a vast range now available. These products are also not new but they have been overhauled and improved. One of the reasons this range of 5 products gets us a little excited is that they can all link with each other and are backwards compatible with the MKII versions if you already own some of those. Equinox have really given this some thought for instances where a DJ or venue might want to create a light show that works together but doesn’t have the same products, only the the same colours and gobos. The great thing is, this means you do not need any fancy DMX controller or lighting software and you can simply link these together in MASTER/SLAVE mode and let them do their thing either through the built in programs or on sound active mode.

In the range are three moving head lights, which are all compact in size and have similar features – the Fusion Spot with the 12w LED, the Fusion Spot MAX with its 30w LED and the Fusion Spot XP which has a superb 50w LED. For those who want to expand on the moving heads our suggestion is to grab the middle Fusion Spot MAX version and then take a look at the fantastic Fusion Scan MAX and Fusion Roller MAX. The same 30w LED features in both of these two fixtures so that makes them the perfect choice to link with the same version of the moving head. As mentioned though, you can link any of these five models together.

So let us say you wanted to run 4 Scanners, 2 Rollers and 2 Moving Heads then these can all work together for a superb lighting show – featuring in the MAX versions is 7 static gobos/colours on a combined wheel and the range are also compatible with the CA8 controller. The only thing to consider is that as with any roller that splits the light from across 3 or 4 beams, it will appear slightly less bright than the scanner of moving head lighting effects which have all the power concentrated on a single beam of course.

You can find all of these fantastic products on our website or come and visit our Hartlepool showroom where all 5 are currently in stock and on demo to see. Head over to our website and you will also see we have created some superb bundles for you to choose from. Click here to take a look.

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