Introducing the new Studiomaster DIRECT array speakers

Just before Christmas we saw the arrival of the brand new DIRECT array speakers from Studiomaster, this includes two models DIRECT101MX and DIRECT 121MX that will no doubt look familiar to many people.  These column style array speakers have become popular with both brands and consumers over recent years and give a different sound to the normal PA style speaker.  The Studiomaster DIRECT 101MX is a 10” version and the DIRECT 121MX is their 12” version, this size refers of course to the SUB driver size.  The actual two piece column is the same for both models with the lower column piece being a dummy to give height to the upper column speaker.

Both these models come with covers/bags which is always a great addition and can sometimes be expensive to add to other speakers. The set includes a slip on cover for the SUB and zip up bag for the two columns.  This offers protection when in transit and storage to make sure you get the longest life from your investment in your new speaker system.

The Studiomaster DIRECT 101MX/121MX models include an on-board 4 channel mixer which is superb if you want portability and one speaker is adequate for your needs as you do not need a separate mixer. In addition, this also allows for the usual set-up of two systems working from a mixer too.  The mixer features DSP effects and a digital display to allow you to use many of the features built in which includes Bluetooth connection if required.  The high quality mixer and the wide dispersion added to the 6 x 3” plus 1 x 1” precision transducers gives a quality of sound that offers clarity for both instruments and voice.  You could be a musician using one system in smaller venues and simply plug in your keyboard or guitar with a microphone and you are ready to go – but you are equally making a good choice if you are in a larger venue – using a pair of these with a PA mixer.

2022 saw the release of not just these fantastic products from Studiomaster, but also their new CORE121 and CORE 151 array speakers.  If you feel you want a more standard SUB, pole and array look then take a look at these models that are available now.

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