The 5 Best Home Party Speakers For 2023

If you’re planning on throwing a lavish house party, there’s one thing you need to get right: the sound! There’s nothing worse than inviting guests around for a dance only to find that they can’t hear the music above the hustle and bustle of party guests.

At Prebeat, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for below-par acoustics. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of the best home party speakers for 2023, from the best choice on a budget to the best for dancing; whatever your party’s theme, there’s a party speaker to suit it in our range. Now all you need to worry about is the guest light!

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What are the best party speakers for a house party?

What is the best party portable Bluetooth speaker with lights?

Can a portable Bluetooth speaker be connected to a mike?

What is the best portable speaker with high volume?

What are the best speakers for a house party? 

The best home party speakers are those best suited to your house party’s requirements. 

For example, if you have a large house and are expecting a hundred-person guestlist, a home party speaker with a large output, such as the Madison NASH60 Battery Powered Party Box, is a must. Its 600W output means you can crank the volume without risking your speaker jumping or distorting. But if you have a smaller home, you may be more likely to choose a portable speaker that requires less storage space.

We’ve rounded up the best home party speakers catered to different purposes and settings so that you can choose the perfect option for your home, whether you’re looking to perform at the party or just dance in the kitchen!

The best unrivalled out-and-out party speaker: Ibiza Sound Mercure50

Ibiza Sound Mercure 50 Home Party Speaker with Bluetooth

The Ibiza Sound Mercure50 LED Party Speaker with Bluetooth is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a great home party speaker. With its colour-changing illuminated front panel to help provide the party atmosphere, it’s guaranteed to make a statement!

With Bluetooth connection, you can stream music from your device with ease, and the good news is that if you have more than one of these party speakers, you can connect them with the speaker’s TWS (True Wireless Stereo) functionality. With bass and treble controls, you can control the quality of your sound to perfection. Plus, if you want to make an announcement, a mic input with priority functionality will automatically dip the music as you speak.

Practical yet eye-catching, its 500W output will keep everyone dancing, whether in the garden or inside!

The most versatile home party speaker: Madison NASH60 Battery Powered Partybox

Madison Nash60 Partybox Home Party Speaker

If you’re looking for a home party speaker for background music, but you might also want to plug your guitar in and provide some entertainment for your guests as the night progresses, the Madison NASH 60 Powered Partybox is the ideal choice. 

Offering many of the same functions as Ibiza Sound Mercure50, it also has inputs for two microphones and a guitar, so you can put on a show (or invite others to) if the background music isn’t enough to keep everyone happy. 

With an impressive 600W output and superb sound quality, the NASH 60 can easily provide your house party’s sound, is Bluetooth compatible with other speakers, and allows you to stream your music hassle-free; it’s the perfect party essential.

The best home party speaker for dancing: Ibiza Sound Infinity Active Portable Party Box

Ibiza Sound Infinity Active Home Party Speaker

The Ibiza Sound Infinity Active Portable Party Box is the perfect house party addition to get people dancing. With many of the capabilities that the Madison NASH60 offers, such as mic and guitar inputs for performance, the speaker’s light show capabilities and 600W output make this the ultimate party speaker for dancing. 

Offering exceptional power and quality of sound, and deep rich bass, if your guests are expecting an Ibiza-themed party or a background setlist filled with Funky House, this is the perfect speaker for you. With an equaliser included to add style to your sounds, it’s never been easier to personalise your party’s playlist. 

Use Infinity’s light show to enhance the atmosphere your music provides, all controlled by the speaker’s handy remote. Get ready to dance the night away with Ibiza Sound’s Infinity!

The best home party speaker for fun on a budget: IDance GOPTY4

iDance BT Wireless Home Party Speaker

The IDance GOPTY4 is an ideal Bluetooth home party speaker for anyone on a budget. Stream your music via Bluetooth connection, or use the handy USB Mp3 capabilities to plug in your music. 

With LED lights and an impressive 4-8 hour battery life, this portable speaker offers 200W of perfect power output, ideal for smaller house parties with family and friends. 

The GOPTY4 has a plug-in microphone with voice-changing capabilities, providing hours of fun! Make your voice sound like a man, woman, child or robot and add echo for an extra effect!

The best home party speaker that’s perfect for classes: IDance Megabox 2000

iDance Megabox 2000 Bluetooth Sound System Home Party Speaker

If you run dance classes or need a system to provide chilled background music for your Yoga class, the 400w Megabox 2000 Bluetooth Sound System from IDance has you covered. 

Easy to transport, it comes complete with a pull handle and wheels, meaning you can easily go straight from the dance studio to your house party!

The superb sound quality from this system means you don’t have to worry about distortion or jumping, and the built-in light show helps to add to the feel of your dance class and the mood of your party at home.

With eight hours of battery life, multiple ways to play your music and a two-band equaliser to perfect your music, the IDance Megabox 2000 is the perfect PA system and party speaker for those on the go!

What is the best party portable Bluetooth speaker with lights?

Out of the featured home party speakers, if your main focus is creating a perfect light show for your party, the IDance Megabox 2000 is the best portable Bluetooth speaker. 

It’s built-in disco light show with colour-changing lights adds a just-stepped onto-the-dancefloor feel to your house party, so if you’re trying to recreate an authentic disco experience, you’ll be halfway there!

All the home party speakers we’ve featured are kitted out with LED lights, so whatever your purpose for buying a party speaker, or your budget, you’ll have stunning lights to accompany your music. 

Can a portable Bluetooth speaker be connected to a mike?

All our home party speakers at Prebeat offer a line input for a microphone so you can connect your own microphone. Some of our home party speakers come with a microphone included, but ensure to check the speaker’s specifications before purchasing if this is something you’d like as an option.

What is the best portable speaker with high volume?

The portable speaker with the highest output offers the best quality sound and high volume. If sound quality is your main priority, always choose a high output to guarantee a louder and cleaner sound experience. The Madison NASH60 Partybox has the highest output of all the speakers featured, offering 600W for an unrivalled party sound. 

Find your perfect home party speaker at Prebeat 

Now you’re more knowledgeable about home party speakers, why not shop our options using the links above before your next party? With a range of sizes and brands available in a selection of prices to suit every budget, browse the collection today. Looking for speakers for your venue? Why not browse our background music speakers instead?

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